Who’s Bubba?

So who is Bubba Jones?

First of all there are real people named Bubba Jones, like the Yankees minor league player, and I just want to say’ “What a great name, and sorry I had to drag you into this.”  Bubba Jones here at BJBC & More is more like the Lone Ranger, a fictitious hero, and Colonel Sanders, a real person who became an icon, all rolled together.  The goal at BJBC is to employ great skill, craftsmanship and design in creating cups that feel real; connecting the maker to the user to the beverage.  Somewhere in the confusion between what is art, what is craft, and the cult of personality we have lost this connection.  Bubba is a type of “everyman” character trying to find it again.  Hope that satisfies for now.  Might have more to say about it later.

Thanks for your interest, Bubba Jones (The Brew Cupper)

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