The Goods

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Custom Ordering with BJBC

This is the place for getting started on a custom order.  Scroll down to find the cup or growler shape you want, then find a color and a finish.  If you have your own label or logo follow these instructions to send us your black and white artwork.  A silicone stamp will be made and used to press the image into thin clay medallions which are attached to the piece.  Breweries, pubs and businesses can check out our wholesale terms here.

The Cups

32 & 20 oz. Tankards Pilsner Tulip Short stem goblet

Because they are each handmade one at a time on the potters wheel the dimensions and ounce sizes can vary a bit.  The hand thrown feel adds to the one of a kind authentic experience.

The Growlers

Tall Boy growler Mellon growler Palla growler Traditional straight jug shape

Owning a growler is not all that different than having a pet.  To help your customers take care of theirs BJBC has created a growler care sheet you can get to by downloading this PDF file: Growler_Care

The Glazes

BJBC Glaze colors

At BJBC the glazes are formulated in house to fit the clay in the fired product.  It is not a matter of calling a supplier and ordering a bottle of different color like paint, so if you have a special color need don’t be afraid to ask, but realize there may be an added cost for a color that hasn’t been tested yet.  The Village Inn asked for a purple color to match the Kenyon College school colors.  That was one that had to be fished out of the archives but it fired up really nice, take a look.

The Finish

Your pieces can be finished with a historically inspired banding which is done on the wheel, with a trailed glaze line pattern, a smooth solid single color, or a dipped and poured overlap.  More examples can be seen on BJBC Etsy site or our blog page.

Your Logo

It all starts with a black and white .jpg file sent to  Round logos work best but other options are available.  After your artwork is received and prepped, a silicone stamp is made that will impress a thin slab of clay which is cut out and attached to your piece.  The 2 1/2″ stamp that fits most cups is $25 and the 3 1/2″ growler stamp is $35.  If your logo needs work to get it ready for the process the charge is $50 and creating one from scratch is $100, so get it ready to go on your own if you want to avoid paying more.  Both the price of the stamp and or the design fee are considered start up charges appear only on the initial order.  BJBC will keep your stamp on file for any follow up orders.

Of course, BJBC is all about customization and options, so the logo process is no different.  If your logo is intricately detailed, a laser etched polymer stamp can be made increasing the cost of the 2 1/2″ stamp to about $135.  The results can be fantastic, but it has to be what you want.

Custom is the name of the game at BJBC.  Get started now!