Bubba Jones at the VI in Gambier, Ohio

Pilsner cups and a 54oz. bottle top growler

When the good folks down at the Village Inn heard about Bubba Jones Brew cups they jumped at the chance to be our first customer.  One of the owners, Jerry Kelly, selected a pitcher sized, 54oz. bottle top growler and the 16oz. pilsner cups.  BJBC developed a custom purple glaze for the Kenyon College crowd and contrasted that with the cascade green and wheat glaze combination that seems to be working well.  Their company logo shows up well with the silicone stamp process.

If you stop in on a Saturday night to mingle with the lively crowd or check out the local live music scene; ask Nate to pour you one of their local micro brew selections and be adventurous with the menu.  Bubba’s choice was the Smokehouse Burger with the Pilsner from Homestead Beer Co.  Might just have to become a regular.

Time to hit the road.  Remember to be master of your cups.  I’ll leave you with one of my new favorites “Hang Loose” by Alabama Shakes.  Think Chuck Berry and Aretha Frankilin’s grand daughter :



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