Monthly Archives: February 2016

Behind the Times

Updates from 2015.  Ground Hog Day!  Is it never too late to blog an update from the previous year?  Well too bad, Bubba’s been busy.  What a year though, awards and schwag for Aravaipa Running in AZ, novelty growlers for Horsehead’s Brewing in NY, loads of banded tankards for UncommonGoods catalog, mead ware (goblets & growlers) for Arktos Meadery in MI, more rounds for Weasel Boy in Zanesville, 25th anniversary cups for the S.N.O.B.s (Society of Northeastern Ohio Brewers), commemorative cups for the Master Brewers Association meeting in Jacksonville, Fl, and of course all the retail customers and custom orders from Etsy.  2016 is starting off strong as well.  Looking forward to polishing up the brand for wholesaling to beer-tiques and beer enthusiast places that seem to be popping up everywhere.  I will also be adding more videos of my process as the year moves on and maybe even hitting the blog more often.  We’ll see.  Leaving you this time with the song that jumped into my head as soon as I realized what day it was: