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Cup forms just off the wheel with no handles yet.

Which one is Pink?

Adventures in Brew Cupping begin!  Welcome to the page and hope you take the time to look around and get in touch.  In a business where each piece is unique and every order is inherently custom it is difficult, maybe, impossible to create a one size fits all clickable catalog that streamlines your internet buying experience.  That said, I have attempted to create a starting point by featuring some basic cup forms and glaze styles on the Order Page.  Bubba Jones Brew Cups is all about creating wheel thrown stoneware cups with a hand pulled handle and your custom logo.  From the hands of a trained potter to the hands of the end user, these methods contribute an authentic quality drinking experience.

I’m looking forward to adding additional posts about each BJBC customer, including images of the cups and a little bit about the atmosphere of the various establishments, companies and organizations.  If you subscribe you can expect product updates on the “and More” of BJBC including things like custom ceramic tap pulls and wooden products like beer flights from The Real Co. in St. Louis, MO.  There will also be fun stuff such as play lists of the songs that are in my head at the time or were actually playing while I was hanging out / delivering cups.

On that note I’ll leave you with the song “Have a Cigar” By Pink Floyd from their 1975 album, “Wish You Were Here”.  It chronicles the band’s rise to stardom and their deal with “The Man” who asks the question, “Oh, by the way, which one’s Pink?”  He thinks one of the band members is actually named, “Pink Floyd”.  Reminds me of Bubba Jones.  Ironically, and unknown to me until this very moment, the vocals on the track are performed by English folk singer, Roy Harper, and not Roger Waters or David Gilmore.

Link to YouTube video of the song "Have a Cigar"